They were having a merry party in the dear old Hall
Everybody sang with all their might
Songs that were new when the old were too
It was a very merry Christmas night
Dear old Grandad seated in the corner
Shouted in a manner rather strange
I say Hannah, stop the old piana
I'll tell you what to do now for a change.

Chorus: Let's have a song upon the gramophone
That Billy Williams sings so grand
With his 'Save a little one for me' and 'Tommy get your gun'
And 'Let's all go down the Strand and have a tomater'
John put your trousers on, we're waiting for a girl
And it jolly well serves you right
'Oh tickle me, Timothy,' said Jean from Aberdeen
''Cos I must go home tonight.'

They went out of the room for supper, left a nice girl there
Her head reclining on a fellow's chest
He squeezed her glove, she was full of love
Counting all the pretty buttons on his vest
He said 'Darling, won't you call me baby?'
And went and turned the gas down rather low
He said 'Maudy, don't you love your Claudy?
So let us have a cuddle' She said 'No.'

Performed by Billy Williams (1877-1915)
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