Six young farmer chaps came up to London town,
They meant to see the sights,
And stop out late at nights.
When they arrived at Euston they all seemed a bit in doubt,
Not a single one amongst them knew his way about.
One bought a coloured map of London,
They studied it for quite an hour or two,
ltil one wiry, whiskered farmer, shouted out,
'I'll tell you what we'll do.

Chorus: 'Let's go where all the crowd goes,
For where the crowd goes,
It's always happy, bright and gay and merry,
Form in line, put your arm in mine,
Follow the crowd and we're all right!

Six nice burglar gents came out of jail one day,
On each one you could trace,
A sad and gloomy face,
Said one, they'd christened 'Venus', as he wiped his heated brow,
'We've left our country mansion boys,
Where shall we go to now?
Bill Blobbs looked at his empty pockets,
And said, 'They used to hold some rhino once,
I know what we'd better do, lads,
As we haven't seen a purse for months,


Six young monkeys that were living in the zoo,
Escaped from there one day,
They all got right away,
For hours and hours they sat upon the trees in Regents Park,
Throwing nuts at people, then they climbed down after dark.
Then they all held a little meeting,
Said one old monkey, 'Now what's to be done?
We can't go back into our cages,
So if we want to have a bit of fun,


Six young soldier lads were miles away from home,
Upon a foreign strand,
Amongst the desert sand.
They'd been there for weeks and weeks as lonely as can be,
Nothing but the moon and stars to keep them company,
One morning five and twenty black girls
Passed along and said to them, 'Good day!'
Then young Colour Sergeant Smith said,
As those Zulu belles went on their way,

Written and composed by Fred Godfrey & Billy Williams - 1912
Performed by Billy Williams (1877-1915)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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