Young John Jay he was a single man
Foolish Jay hit on a foolish plan
Thought he'd make a change in life
And take unto himself a wife
And say good-bye to single strife
And bachelor days gone by
The night before he said farewell to Clubland and it's joys
He gave this invitation out to all the girls and boys.

Chorus: Let's make a night of it tonight
Let's make a night of it tonight
I'm going to be married in the morning
In the morning, when daylight's dawning
I've only another night to roam
Only another night's delight
Boys and girls come out to play
Let's make a night of it tonight.

John that night had a long way to go
Felt all right, but toddled home just like so
Oh, the lovely things he dreamt
Thought by aeroplane he went
As high as Nelson's Monument
And that's where he came to grief
He stood then cold and shivering, and he stuck to Nelson tight
Said, 'Don't you worry Nelson, dear, for we're all right.


Wedding bells ringing along ding-dong
Music swells, rolling the aisles along
Enter then the blushing bride
With the bridegroom side by side
Both seemed more than satisfied
To fasten the nuptial knot
The ceremony's over, then outside the welcome throng
The girls and boys assembled sing this Chorus: loud and long.

Performed by Vesta Tilley (1864-1952)
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