When I was quite a youngster, I was always taught at school
That share and share alike was what they called the golden rule
But now that I've grown older it's a different thing I find
It's everybody for himself in games of every kind
If I should see a selfish man who tries to hold the sway
It always makes me think of what my school-mates used to say.

Chorus: 'Let's play something that we all know
Something nice for me as well as you
Let's play something that we all know
Any old game will do
'Postman's knock' or 'Ring-a-ring of roses'
'Kiss in the Ring' or 'Gathering nuts and may.'
'Hunt the slipper', 'Find the pin' let us all join in
Anything so long as we all can play.'

Bill Johnson took his sweetheart for a quiet spoon one night
And just as they were seated 'neath the glorious pale moonlight
He threw his arms aroung her neck and whispered tales of love
Till midst the rustling of the trees a voice came from above
As they gazed up, they saw the man up in the moon look down
He wore a very worried look, and shouted with a frown.


'Twas yesterday, some friends of mine invited me to go
And join them in a motor run, I soon agreed and so
We started off and thought it quite a treat to be alive
Until the chaufeur fainted then they called on me to drive
I started doing fancy tricks and flew into a bus
Then all the others shouted, 'If you're still a friend to us.'


I thought I'd get married once, I'd nothing else to do
I got so sick of fret-work, that I said to my girl, Sue
'Will you be mine?' she said, 'I will' then sad it was to tell
Misfortune came, the landlord came, the bailiffs came as well
One day as I got home I saw a chap rush up the stairs
And cried as he kept flinging out the tables and the chairs.


This morning in the paper, as I read the daily lies
I noticed Mr Hackenschmidt was offering a prize
To any man he couldn't beat, so off I went to see
And took a horse-shoe round for luck, and Hacky looked at me
He held his breath a moment, then he blew me round the ring
When I came to, I smacked his face and said, 'You nasty thing,'

Performed by Jack Pleasants (1874-1924)
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