You ask me to tell you a story
Of the terrible dangers I've braved
Then list to the wreck of the 'Skylark'
Where I was the only one saved
I was sitting at home playing 'banker'
When a note from the captain to say
There's ship in distress, do you mind coming round
In a cab then I hurried away
Oh what a terrible night, oh, what a glorious sight.

Chorus: And the wind was loudly roaring
And the waves were mountainous high
As we made for the lifeboats every man
Was ready to do or die
I was the first to push her off
Amidst all the danger and strife
But I altered my mind and I stayed behind
And that's how I saved my life.

When I'd 'skun' them all out at 'banker'
I made for my oilskins to find
The soles of my feet wanted cleaning
Which made me a little behind
But in less than an hour I was round there
And the captain truned pale to his ribs
As he said, 'We've no rockets', said I 'Never mind.'
And I let off a packet of squibs
Pulling the boat 'long the shore
We shouted 'Hooray' and 'Encore'


We borrowed a truck and a barrow
And we got the boat out of the shed
She leaked but we'd no time to mend her
So we puttied her bottom instead
Then a sort of stillness came o'er us
As we knew we were risking our lives
And the men kissed their children a loving good-bye
And I kissed all their sweethearts and wives
As the boat plunged into the sea, my old girl said 'Stay home with me'

Written by Mark Lorne and Tom Leamore - 1901
Composed and sung by Tom Leamore (1866-1939)
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