A winning way a pleasant smile
Dress so neat but quite in style
Merry chaff your time to while
Has little Annie Rooney
Every evening rain or shine
I make a call twixt eight and nine
On her who shortly will be mine
Little Annie Rooney.

Chorus: She's my sweetheart, I'm her beau
She's my Annie, I'm her Joe
Soon we'll marry, never to part
Little Annie Rooney is my sweetheart.

The parlour's small but neat and clean
And set with taste so seldom seen
And you can bet the household queen
Is little Annie Rooney
The fire burns cheerfully and bright
As a family circle round each night
We form, and everyone's a delight
Is little Annie Rooney.


We've been engaged close on a year
The happy time is drawing near
I'll wed the one I love so dear
Little Annie Rooney
My friends declare I am in jest
Until the time comes will not rest
But one who knows its value best
Is little Annie Rooney.

Written, composed and sung by Michael Nolan - 1889
Performed by Lottie Gilson (1869-1912)
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