Man wants but little here below,
That’s a phrase that you have met,
And whether it is true or not,
That’s all he will get;
I don’t want very much myself
To bring me happiness,
Ten thousand pounds a year, a yacht,
A motor car and – Yes!
I really must confess:

Chorus: A little cup of tea in the morning,
And my bath at half-past eight,
A little eggs and bacon,
I’ve generally taken,
With a little piece of toast beside the plate.
I don’t want jam or marmalade,
My appetite’s not strong,
But a little cup of tea in the morning,
And I’m happy all day long.

Poor Percy Vere de Vere was charged
Before the learned Judge,
His family escutcheon
Had received a nasty smudge,
Poor Percy got his sentence,
And for Wormwood Scrubs took wing,
And when the jailor locked him in,
Said Percy ‘Dear old thing,
Now don’t forget to bring –


Now absent-minded Archibald
Upon his honeymoon,
He seemed to quite forget his wife,
Though only wed that noon.
He said ‘Good-night’ at ten p.m.,
And went upstairs to read,
And when his blushing bride said,
‘Is there nothing else you need?’
Said he, ‘Oh yes! indeed.

Written and composed by R.C. Tharp & Tom Clare - 1927
Performed by Tom Clare (1876-1946)
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