The little Irish postman goes upon his lonely round
Delivering notes from friends across the sea
He brings good news and bad
Glad tidings aye, and sad
From kinsmen whom again they'll never see
Just watch him go to Riley's door, and with a rat-tat-tat
He , in the broadest brogue will say
'A letter here from Pat.'
The girl grabs at the envelope and makes the postman laugh
By saying, 'Yes, it is from Pat - I know his ortygraph.'

Refrain: Then she reads, 'Dear Shellah, darling,
Just a line, love, to implore
That you'll come at once and join me
On Australia's sunny shore
Here's a Ten pound note and six pence more
The ten pound's for your passage o'er
And the six pence is for whiskey for the little Irish Postman.

The little irish postman often reads upon his round
Some letters that are brimming full of fun
For humour and for wit, you can bet your little bit
The Irish race is second unto none
Here's one who writes from Malta,
'Sure they've made me Sergeant Noon
If I go on like this, bedad, I'll be a private soon
Another letter he espies, from Dunn, the village rake
He writes his old pal Mickey, and I think this takes the cake

Refrain: 'Dear Mick, I write straight to you
From the town of Montreal
If this letter doesn't reach you
Don't reply to it at all
I'm spoiling for a fight, that's true
And as I can't have one with you
Just give a blamed good hiding to
The little village postman.

The little Irish postman, as he goes upon his round
Oft sighs and wipes a bitter tear away
He cannot bear to see the pain, the misery
And the hardships he's to witness every day
We'll watch his as he makes a call on poor old Mother Foy
To bring a letter from her son, her soldier boy
The poor old woman cannot read, her sight is dim and blurred
So the postman takes the letterand he reads it ev'ry word,

Refrain: The letter reads, 'Dear Mother
I've been shot in action here
But I'd risk another bullet
For the flag we hold so dear.'
Then a postscript, in a strange hand, said
'Dear Madam, Private Foy is dead'
'Then may the heavens be his bed'
Said the little Irish postman
Written and composed by by Clarence Wainwright Murphy (1904)
Performed by Pat Rafferty (1861-1952)
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