In Forfarshire there used to live a chap named Harry Moore
And William Farr it happened was the man who lived next door
The pair were very friendly and continued in this plan
Till pretty Kitty Little came and then the fun began
Now Moore was not a lady's man, he voted girls a bore
Until he saw Miss Little, then he thought a little more
And Farr was also quite far gone, oh quite as far as Moore
And Moore, the more he saw was sure he loved her more and more.

Now Farr was much concerned to find a rival at his door
And further more as it was Moore, it made him think the more
Miss Little kept a store at which they ran up little scores
And they hated one another although little was the cause
For though she kept a little store she yet put little store
On either, for she favoured Farr as much as Moore, no more
So Farr was no more than Moore, than Moore was more than Farr
And neither Moore nor Farr had got so very far, so far.

One day Miss Little took a little walk upon the moor
And on the moor she met with Farr, more-over spoke of Moore
Farr said that Moore was more than what he seemed, and further more
He knew that Miss Little little knew much more concerning Moore
The lady said she knew far more of Moore by far than Farr
And vowed that Farr should tell her more when Moore was not so far
And then she said she never guessed that Moore would go so far
So walked no more upon the moor with Moore but more with Farr.

But someone told Miss Little how deceitful some men are
And said that far too many tales were told of Moore by Farr
So when she heard that Farr had gone too far concerning Moore
She promptly smiled once more on Moore and thought of Farr no more
And Moore, who wanted little, now he'd got her pardoned Farr
For he was pleased to find she liked him more than Farr by far
Of either Moore or Farr there's left to say but little more
Miss Little married Moore and there is now a 'little Moore'.
Written and composed by Clifford Grey & A.W. Parry - 1909
Performed by Clifford Grey (1887-1941)
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