I shan't forget the day that I was born
'Twas on a cold and frosty winter's morn
The doctor said I was a chubby chap
And when the nurs she took me on her lap
Oh she washed me all over I remember
And after powder-puffing me you see
She laid me in the cradle near the fender
In the little shirt my mother made for me.

The first day that I wore me knicker-bocks
I did feel funny after wearing frocks
I looked a little picture, they all say
But when they sent me out to run and play
Oh I didn't like the breeches I was wearing
So in the street I took 'em off you see
And I started walking back home brave and daring
In the little shirt my mother made for me.

Last year when I was on me holidays
Upon the briny ocean I would gaze
The water looked so nice I thought I'd go
And have a swim, but in a minute, how
All the girls upon the beach at me were staring
And some were taking snap-shots I could see
'Twas a good job for me that I was wearing
The little shirt my mother made for me.

When first they told me to school I must go
I didn't like the teacher you must know
Because I played truant once, oh dear
The master shouted, 'Muggins, you come here.'
And his thick stick came down wallop on me
There's no mistake it spoilt my pedigree
I'd the map of England printed nicely on me
Near the little shirt my mother made for me.
Written and composed by Harry Wincott - 1903
Performed by Tom Woottwell (1865-1941)
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