The snow was very plentiful and crumbs were very few
As a weather-beaten sparrow through a mansion window flew
Her eye fell upon a golden cage, a sweet love song she heard
Sung by a pet canary there, a handsome yellow bird
He said to her 'Miss Sparrow, I've been struck by cupid's arrow
Will you share my cage with me?'
She looked up at his castle, with it's ribbon and it's tassel,
And in plaintive tone said she,

Chorus: 'Good-bye little yellow bird, I'd gladly mate with you
I love you little yellow bird, but I love my freedom too
So good-bye little yellow bird, I'd rather brave the cold
On a leafless tree than a prisoner be, in a cage of gold'

The spoiled and petted yellow bird could scarce believe it true
That a common sparrow should refuse a bird of blood so blue
He told her the advantages of riches and of gold
But she answered that her liberty for wealth could not be sold
Said she, 'I must be going' but he cried, 'No no it's snowing
And the wint'ry winds do blow,
Stay with me, my little deary, for without you t'will be dreary'
But she only sighed, 'Ah, no,


The snow was very plentiful and crumbs were very few
As Miss Sparrow from the window bade the yellow bird adieu.
He tried to follow, but he found (and how it made him rave)
The door was fast, in truth he was a pris'ner and a slave
Then he drooped and was despairing, for his life no longer caring
And he sighed from day to day
For liberty that jewel, from those golden bars so cruel
Till he pined and pined away.
Written and composed by C.W. Murphy & William Hargreave - 1903
Performed by Ellaline Terriss (1871-1971)
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