Boys, I want to tell you to be careful there's a girl about
Keep away from her - as far as ever you can
She'll do you 'brown', if you're a single or married man
Once you're in her clutches, you can bet it's all over with you
She's after money, it may seem funny, but what I say is true.

Chorus: Look out boys, there's a girl about
With a dark and rolling eye
Look out boys, there's a girl about
You've heard the story of the spider and the fly
It's all over if she collars you
To keep away from her contrive
She's a mesmeriser, a hip-hip-notiser
She's the hottest thing that ever was alive.

Boys just have to look round
She's about here and she may be after you
From her mystic powers no man can wriggle away
And tho' you may be very wide she'll soon make you'Jay'
If you've got the wife here, you must stick to her tighter than glue
Oh, don't you leave her - this gay deceiver - will have you if you do.


Tho' she looks so simple
It's so easy the way that she takes you in
Charming in her ways, her face you cannot forget
I pity any chap that tumbles in her net
Don't you let her catch you
She's a wonder at telling the tale
If she shouild book you, she's bound to hook you
Her ways they never fail.

Performed by Lottie Lennox (b. 1886)
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