Louie is my sister, and a simple sister too
T'other day she went away with her young man to Kew
When she got back home, that night, she got a sudden shock
Ma said, 'Do you know the time? It's half past twelve o' clock.'

Chorus: Louie didn't know, Louie didn't know
Though a dainty dimpled 'un
Louie was a simpleton
Louie didn't know
But it appears to me
Louie was a louie-Louie-Louie-Liaty.

Louie once was dressing for a Covent Garden Ball
Never drew the blind down, she changed her garments all
Suddenly I heard a laugh, that quite gave me the 'spur'
Four-and-twenty school boys oppposite were watching her.


Louie once went shopping - you know buying things and bits
Furnishing her future home, she gave the shopman fits
When she hesitated there, the smart young shopman Sam
Said, 'Do you want a chest o' drawers, a bedstead, or a pram?'


Written and composed by J. P. Harrington & George Le Brunn - 1901
Performed by Alice Lloyd (1873-1949)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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