Love is a mystery. Love is a dream.
Love is a quite inexhaustible theme.
Love through the ages must still be the same;
Love is a sweet irresponsible flame!
Lovers can never say quite what they mean.
Lovers of sixty or sweet seventeen
Always forget that a look is preferred
Why should they trouble to utter a word?

Chorus: You can guess! You can guess!
More eloquent than words, a soft caress.
If, he's shy and would delay it,
There's no need for him to say it,
You, can guess! You can guess!

Love is romantic whatever may be said,
Though people tell us 'tis selfish instead.
Love haunts us all with it's passionate thrills,
Love is a furnace that burns till it kills.
Love has a dread of those two words 'Good bye',
Love is a heart ache explained in a sigh!
Love is a fish praying but to be hooked;
Love is a longing, unspoken, but looked.


Love is a ruler that all must obey.
Love is a tyrant that brooks no delay.
Love is a banner o'er nations unfurled,
Love has a kingdom its name is the world.
Love is the essence of life that we live.
Love is the one thing that mortals must give.
Love is a mixture of pleasure and pain,
Love is a something you cannot explain.

Written and composed by Albert Chevalier & F. Louis Schneider
Performed by Albert Chevalier (1861-1923)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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