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Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me Hilda Glyder
Mac! Mac! Mac! Are You Coming Back? Daisy Dormer
Mad Butcher, The Fred Albert
Madam Anita Peroxide Billy Merson
Madam Duvan Marie Lloyd
Madame Tussaud's J.L. Toole
Mademoiselle From Armentieres Harry Carlton
Madman's Will, The (Monologue) Albert Whelan
Mafekin' Night Albert Chevalier
Maggie Murphy's Home Jenny Hill
Maggie Murphy's Flat (Parody) G.W. Hunter
Maid Of London, Ere We Part Marie Lloyd
Maiden Up-To-Date, The Miss Ellis Jeffries
Major de Voy Arthur Lloyd
Making Room For Mighty London Town  
Mama Beniamino Gigli
Man And Wife Should Always Pull Together Florrie Forde
Man At The Door, The James Fawn
Man Of Eccentric Notions, The Cliff Ryland
Man Of The Wide, Wide World T.E. Dunville
Man On The Flying Trapeze, The George Leybourne
Man Was A Stranger To Me, The George Formby Sr.
Man Who Broke The Bank, The Charles Coborn
Man Who Broke The Brokers, The Vesta Tilley
Man With A Tear In His Voice Albert Chevalier
Man, Man, Man. Vesta Victoria
Maria Of Turnham Green Iris Innes
Marjor-ie! Marjor-osh! George Robey
Married To A Mermaid Arthur Lloyd
Mary Ann (or The Roving Gardener) Harry Clifton
Mary Ann, She's After Me George Bastow
Mary Anne Maginty Walter Munroe
Mary Kissed The Captain Florrie Gallimore
Mary Queen Of Scots Vesta Victoria
Mary Took Her Calves To The Dairy Show Vesta Victoria
Mary Used To Go To Sunday School Phil Ray
Mary Was A Housemaid Yvette Guilbert
Mary's A Grand Old Name George M. Cohen
Masher King Charles Godfrey
Masher Soldier Tom Woottwell
Masks And Faces Jenny Hill
Masonry James Fawn
Matrimonial Case, A Leslie Weston
Matrimonial Handicap, The Whit Cunliffe
May Alice Lloyd
Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner (1947) Bud Flanagan
May-Day Fireman, The Dan Leno
McGinnis's 'At Home' Lester Barrett
Meat, Meat Fred Earle
Medical Man, The Will Dalton
Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis Lottie Gilson
Meeting Of The Clans Pat Rafferty
Mention It To The Marines  
Mere Detail, A Harry Clifton
Meriah Gus Elen
Mermaid, The Will Evans
Merry Christmas  
Merry Old Uncle Joe Harry Clifton
Message Boy, The Harry Lauder
Midnight Son, The Vesta Tilley
Millingtary Band, The Arthur Lloyd
Millionaire, A Cliff Ryland
Minding It For Uncle Vesta Tilley
Mine Did Cliff Ryland
Miner's Dream Of Home, The Leo Dryden
Miner's Dream Of Home, The (Parody) Herbert Campbell
Mistake, A Albert Chevalier
Mister Brown And The Venetian Blind Charles Godfrey
Mister Man Rose Sylvester
Mister Nobody Nellie L'Estrange
Mister Pat O'Hara Adele Ritchie
Mixed Edward Terry
Mixtures or 'That Finishes That Verse' T.E. Dunville
Modern Mephistopheles, The Tom Squire
Modest Curate, The Walter Walters
Moet And Shandon George Leybourne
Molly Malone Vesta Victoria
Molly Mavourneen  
Molly McGlory Gertie Gitana
Molly, Now Don't Be Teasing Walter Munroe
Molly, The Jolly Little Lady  
Mona From Barcelona Annie Adams
Moonlight Bay Dolly Connolly
Moonstruck Gertie Millar
More To Come Ernie Mayne
More Work For The Undertaker Charles Bignell
Mormon's Song, The R.A. Roberts
Most Miserable Man On Earth, The Sam Mayo
Moth And The Flame, The Helen Mora
Mother Always Sends The Very Thing Ernest Butcher
Mother Doyle's Diamond Jubilee Peggy Pryde
Mother Was A Lady Lottie Gilson
Mother's Advice T.E. Dunville
Mother's Pie Crust Nellie Wallace
Mother's Washing Day Dan Leno
Motto For Every Man, A Harry Clifton
Mountain Maid, The  
Mouse-Trap Man, The George Leybourne
Moving Day Victoria Monks
Mr. and Mrs Smith Clarice Mayne
Mr. Green Dan Leno
Mr. Liddle and Miss Riddle Arthur Lloyd
Mr. Smith From Aberystwyth Barbara Babington
Mrs. Carter Gus Elen
Mrs. Mary Plucker Swallowtail Arthur Lloyd
Mrs. Scott Lily Morris
Muddle Puddle Porter, The Lionel Brough
Muffin Man, The Dan Leno
Mulligan's Motor Car Lester Barrett
Music Hall Comic, The George Robey
My Actor Man Marie Lloyd
My Beastly Eye-Glass Tom Clare
My Boy Bessie Wentworth
My Country Cousin Albert Chevalier
My Daddy's Bought Me A Bow-Wow Joseph Tabrar
My Fiddle Is My Sweetheart G.H. Chirgwin
My Fiddle Was My Sweetheart (Parody) G.H. Chirgwin
My First Wife J.W. Hall
My Gal Sal Louise Dresser
My Girl From London Town Billy Williams
My Girl's A Yorkshire Girl Florrie Gallimore
My Grandfather's Clock George Formby Sr.
My Grandfather's Moke F.W. Green
My Hat's A Brown 'Un George Robey
My Husband's Left Me Again George Bastow
My Inventive Pal Herbert Campbell
My Katty Kissem Arthur Roberts
My Last Shilling Harry Leighton
My Latchkey George Lashwood
My Little Eva Victoria Monks
My London Country Lane Alec Hurley
My London Gal Sam Mayo
My Meatless Day Ernie Mayne
My Midnight Watch Harry Bedford
My Mother Said (Formby) George Formby Sr.
My Mother-In-Law Harry Clifton
My Mother's So Particular With Me Jack Pleasants
My New Hat Jack Pleasants
My Next Door Neighbour's Gardin Gus Elen
My Old Dutch Albert Chevalier
My Old Iron Cross Harry Champion
My Old Man Dan Leno
My Old Man Katie Lawrence
My Poor Heart Went Pitter Patter Harry Champion
My Pretty Jane Lydia Yeamans
My Story It Is True Arthur Lloyd
My Sunday Out Albert Chevalier
My Wench Is A Factory Wench Morny Cash
My Wife's Relations (Leno) Dan Leno
My Wife's Relations (Lloyd) Arthur Lloyd
My Wife's Sister's Pussy Cat Harry Champion
My Wild Irish Rose Chauncey Olcott
My Word, Jones Of The Lancers T.C. Sterndale Bennett
Mystery Of A Hansom Cab, The Walter Munroe
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