When Macintyre took Mary Jane to Brighton for the day
He left her on the beach, and said, 'Now don't you go away.'
He'd got her purse and macintosh from simple Mary Jane
And there she sat from twelve till six, when it came on to rain,
And soon , as people hurried by, they heard poor Mary loudly cry,

Chorus: 'Mac! M ac! Mac! are you coming back, back, back?
The rain is falling, don't you hear me calling
I'm wet through, haven't got a dry thing on my back
So Mac! Mac! Mac! bring me back my mack, mack, mack.'

A policeman came and said, 'My girl, off home you'd better go.'
But Mary cried, 'Oh, if I do, how is my Mack to know?
He told me not to move from here, so what am I to do?'
The policeman said, 'You come with me, and I'll look after you.'
He walked away quite dignified, but Mary still stood there and cried,


She got a lot of sympathy - and soaked through with rain
But never saw her Macintyre or macintosh again
They got her safely home at last but can't make her forget
The day she spent in Brighton, and the evening in the wet
And ever since, if it should rain, while she's asleep, she shouts again,

Performed by Daisy Dormer (1883-1947)
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