Sit tight in your seat, and if you want a treat
My singing's not much, but I talk with my feet
The critics say no English dancers have we
But who could say that when they've once looked at me, I'm

Chorus: Madam Anita Peroxide, the great ballerina am I
Some people say that I can't dance for nuts
But needless to say that's a lie
I'm in the bad books of Genee and Pavlova
They've tried all my steps but they always fall over
They can't dance, never could dance
When my number goes out, there's a hush
They may henna their hair, but there's none can compare
With Annie the dancer from Ashby-de-la-Zouch

I'm friendly with princes and friendly with earls
I'm loved by the men and loathed by the girls
In France, a young man said, 'I think you're tres chic'
I said, 'Sir, I've not touched a drop all week.'

Chorus: Madam Anita Peroxide, the great ballerina am I
I could dance as well as some folks on my head
But the management won't let me try
In France I was having a wonderful season
But didn't stay long, well, I'll tell the reason
Those Frenchies they were mustard
Well, one of them did make me blush
He said, 'Comment sa va?' I said 'Oh, sir, la la
We never do those things in Ashby-de-la-Zouch.

I've boxes of chocolates and rings by the score
And heaps of admirers hang round the stage door
And every day when I stroll in the park
The gentleman bow and the little dogs bark.

Chorus: Madam Anita Peroxide, the great ballerina am I
And often I've had a command
From Buckingham Palace to go there to dance
For all the crown heads of the land
The Prince of Wales he was struck by my beauty
But the King and the Queen, as a matter of duty
Suppressed him, which distressed him
So much that they're trying to hush
That the cause of his Highness's absence abroad
Is Annie the dancer from Ashby-de-la-Zouch.

Written, composed and performed by Billy Merson (1881-1947)
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