Marie Lloyd

I suppose you've heard of Madam Duvan
Well if you haven't heard of her you can
She's a lady - far from shady
Tho' her father keeps a baked potato-can. Ta-ra-ra
On stage she acts a little bit
Best adapted to gallery and pit
People kiss her, actors kiss her
But no one seems to care about her wit. Ta-ra-ra.

Chorus: On the stage she's Madam Duvan
At home her name is Mary Ann
Silks and satins now she can't afford
She didn't want to be the rage
She only went upon the stage
In hopes of wedding a Viscount or a Lord.

She'll practise singing all the afternoon
But every blessed note is out of tune
Like a parrot in a garret
Or the howling of a big baboon . Ta-ra-ra
You should see her when she tries to act
You'd swear that she was just a little cracked
In her screeches and dying speeches
You'd wish that she was dead, and that's a fact. Ta-ra-ra.


Her first night on took over half an hour
Of bouquets she expected quite a shower
From the gall'ry a bunch of sal'ry
She received, and then they threw a cauliflower. Ta-ra-ra
Tho' she wasn't beyond her teens
She wed a man who used to shift the scenes
When they jangle at the mangle
They work all day, and don't she give him beans. Ta-ra-ra.


Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
Written and composed by Joseph Tabrar & Tom Costello - 1891
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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