Have you heard the latest news all about great London Town
Perhaps you've noticed how it grows, where it reaches no one knows
Now the word has come at last, every other town must go
All the lot are coming down to give old London room to grow
We shan't want no fresh-air-fund, and healthy we shall be
When Hackney, Bethnall Green and Bow, get closer to the sea
And Manchester has got to move 'cos London cannot stop
So they've shifted it to Ireland, with Liverpool on top.

Chorus: All the place is undone, making room for London
Camberwell is pushing on, so Brighton's coming down
Kent and Sussex had a fit when they heard they'd have to quit
Making room for mighty London Town.

Lancashire is packing up, Blackpool don't know where to go
Folkestone can't enjoy it's meals, Peckham's treading on its heels
Engineers are hard at work running up a tidy bill
Blew up Snowdon Yesterday - they're making room for Primrose Hill
When Putney got to Hampshire all the place was full of grief
'Cos Portsmouth's on the Isle Of Wight, with Southsea underneath
So if you want the dockyard now, to see the men-o-war
Why knock three times at Shanklin, 'cos it's on the second floor.

Chorus: All the place is undone, making room for London
You've heard about the Medway - it's a river of renown
They emptied it into the briny, now it holds the Serpentine
Making room for mighty London Town.

Hendon, once in Middlesex, keeps moving to the coast
Windermere and lakes beyond, all got mixed with Hampstead Pond
Stratford Town and Leytonstone down to Yarmouth had a race
Suffocating Norfolk in their hurry for to reach the place
There were lots of Foulmouth language when old Cornwall got the push
And Cardiff's standing edgeways now because of Shepherds Bush
There's Highgate Hill has taken root where Scotland used to be
Why, and Brixton went to Shakespear's Cliff and shoved it in the sea.

Chorus: All the place is undone, making room for London
Paddington's going up where Bristol's coming down
Birmingham is up a tree, 'cos it's sent to Coventry
Making room for mighty London Town.
Published 1902
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