I'm Mamma's boy, but you don't know my ma
My Ma's my protector in life
And I'd rather have my Ma as a ma
Than anyone's wife as a wife
I arrived at the station from college last week
And who met me there and kiss'd me on each cheek?

Chorus: Ma.... ma, she does love her dear little boy
She said to me, 'I'll fetch a cab, you wait here.'
And just then a lady by me hovered near
She winked, then she asked me a question
But French I've not studied so far
So I said, 'Ma speaks French simply lovely, ask her
Ma... ma.

When we got home, our friends welcomed me back
And told me how I'd been missed
And after they'd all made a fuss of me there
One fellow said, 'Lets play at whist.'
Then one burly gentleman asked me to play
I said, 'I should like it if ma says I may,

Chorus: Ma... ma, Ma said, 'You may play, pretty boy
We played, I won ten pence, but lost it again
And five pence I lost of my own too
And then I said, 'Why, you've won all my money
And you're going to keep it, you are
Why, I didn't know you were playing for keeps
Ma... ma.

At my reception, an old maid was there
She'd no teeth and, oh, such a face
Her name was Miss Skimpy, her age sixty five
And she followed me all round the place
So in the conservatory I went to hide
But she popped in her head, said, 'Peep bo,' then I cried

Chorus: Ma... ma, oh do come to your pretty boy
This beastly Miss Skimpy won't leave me alone
She wants me to squeeze her and call her my own
She says she won't go till she's kissed me
I've not let her do it, so far
But I'm losing my strength, I shall have to give in
Ma... ma.

We had some jolly good fun on that night
They all dressed me up as a girl
The men said I looked such a sweet little puss
In a frock and a pretty kiss-curl
The girls did my back up, and then ran away
I couldn't undress, so I screamed, 'Oh, I say

Chorus: Ma... ma, come here and help your pretty boy
What with the buttons, the hooks and the eyes
I've tangled my ribbons and pretty 'arm-ties'
I've torn all the lace off my bodice
And got half the clothes off, so far
But I can't get the strings of my corsets undone
Ma... ma.
Performed by Beniamino Gigli (1890-1957)
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