My name is Roodie Doodie, I'm a traveller by birth
There's not a bigger marvel or A 'Mivvy' on the earth
I've lived amongst the Kaffirs, and the Koppers and the Kippers
The Arabs and the Horrids, and the Aboriginippers
I've floated on the Amazon, the Damazon and sich
The Congo or the Pongo - I'll be hanged if I know which
The Ballarat, the bally-rot, the Chilly-bally wotton
And at the Matabele ballet I'm a bally hot 'un.

Chorus: And I've been shipwrecked round 'Patagonia'
'Eau de Colognia', 'Nanty Polonia'
By the cannibals - funny looking animals
I've had my top-knot curled
I've bought diamonds fifteen a penny there
I've travelled ev'rywhere, nowhere and anywhere
I am the wide man of the 'wide, wide, wide, wide world.'

I've wandered through the wilds of the Niles and the Dials
Lived among the Lunatics upon the Scilly Isles
Magnetised and Galvanised, the 'Gals' up in Galacia
Borne enough and sworn enough to frighten the Militia
I've boomeranged a 'rang-outang' and hit him in the breath
Smiled upon a crocodile and worried him to death
Taught a baby Elephant his 'trunk' to go and pack up
Which made a merry Dromedary go and 'get his back up.'


I've goneo in Borneo with nothing on for weeks
Been all over Persia and 'MacGillcuddy's Reeks'
Broken 'dot's of Hotentots who got a bit too 'chippy'
And laid my head upon the 'bed' of the good old Mississippi
Crockerised with Chinamen and Lapidaried Laps
Chirrupped to the Cherokees and Jalaps and the Japs
Pawnees - sore knees- Pynenees and niggers
Who wore a sort of early clothing smile upon their figures


The habits of these savages are simply 'tommy rot'
If you wink at any woman you must wed her on the spot
You're bound to fondle any kid if after you he bellows
No matter if he is your own or any other fellow's
And when they capture prisoners it's comical because
Their garments - if they have any - are given to the squaws
You ought to see a regiment of dusky maids amd maters
Going shares and wearing pairs of men's 'Felooshicaters.'

Performed by T.E. Dunville (1868-1924)
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