I used to be gay, quite a nut in my way
But that was before I was wed
I fell for a tarter, now I'm just a martyr
And sometimes I wish I was - single again
I met her one night and proposed at first sight
When I called on her father next day
He shook both my hands and said 'Publish the banns
I'll be happy to give her away.'
So we fixed on the wedding day.

Chorus: And I was dressed in my best,
All the town was there that day
My mother dear - shed a tear
As we started for the fray
And as the bells rang out,
My poor heart with joy was throbbing
'All the birds in the air fell a-sighing and a-sobbing'
When the parson said, 'Wilt thou this woman wed?'

In less than a year, it was perfectly clear
To freedom I'd said good-bye
I'm henpecked and slated, I'm humiliated
In fact if I live any longer, I'll die
Her father and mother - and out-of-work brother
Come round every week-end and more
They do as they please, live and slumber at ease
While I lay awake on the floor
It's no wonder that I'm feeling sore.


Who gives this woman away?
'I' said her dad - 'Ain't I jolly glad,
I give her away.'
Then the organ started playing
I paid the parsons's fee
As we left the choir sang
'What will the harvest be?'
And that was the end of my libertee.
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