I'm in love with a nice young girl, that's so, you know,
Eyes like violets and teeth like pearl, a treat, complete,
She consented when first I met her
She would have me, for worse or better,
Oh! to clasp her waist so slender,
She is the best of the feminine gender.
Here she is, good "biz! "How do? How're you?
Pa's out, no doubt! to-night? All right!
I'm off to seek the kitchen fire,
And spoon the charmer I admire.

Chorus: She's sweet, neat, small feet, och bedad she is a treat!
Face, style, grace, smile, lips you feel you'd like to eat,
Hair fair, form rare, just the girl you'd like to spoon,
And I'm in love with Mary Anne Maginty, and I'll marry her to-morrow afternoon.

My girl says she must have a beau who smokes and jokes,
Smoke's a thing makes me bad you know, bedad, so bad'
She says, 'Lovely tobacco, bliss is'
Always asks me for smoky kisses,
To please her this smoke I'm whiffing,
But my feelings are not at all 'spiffing'.
"When I smoke, no joke, the ground goes round,
Brain whirls, head twirls, I'm ill, but still
My heart my feelings gets above,
And all because the girl I love .


Sometimes when I am out with her, Oh dear, I'm queer!
I feel just like a half-drowned cur, a sight, so white,
She says, "What's the matter lovey?';
And I answer, "Spasms, dovey!':
But my pipe will soon confuse me,
I say, "Love, you must pray excuse me'
I'm off to meet old pal, next street, half tick,
Be quick, I'm queer, pain here,
I feel it, but keep on I must,
I'll sing this chorus though I 'bust'.


Written and composed by E.W. Rogers - 1893
Performed by 'Viscount' Walter Munroe
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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