Five bright girls, very bright girls
Went upon the sea one day
Just for a trip in a nice big ship
And all of them felt gay
Although the captain he looked stern
And mister mate looked glum
They'd not gone more than a mile from shore
Before they made things hum.

Chorus: Mary kissed the captain, Sarah kissed the mate
Susie kissed the pilot, then the fun was great
Maudie kissed the sailors as friendly as could be
And there was Flo, down below, sitting on the bo'sn's knee.

Five bright girls, very bright girls
Very soon began to gush
Frightened the 'skip' of that nice big ship
And made the sailors blush
Flo, on the dear old bo'sn's knee
Gave him an awful scare
She took all risks, as she stroked his 'whisks'
And softly sighed, 'There's hair.'


Five bright girls, very bright girls
Of the sailors made a fuss
Looking to shore, said the captain, 'Lor
Our wives are watching us.'
'Unhand me do' the Bo'sn cried
Said Mary, 'You've no pluck
Afraid of 'shes'? Now, then, ladies, please
Another one for luck.' and

Written and composed by J. P. Harrington & George Le Brunn - 1904
Performed by Florrie Gallimore (1867-1944)
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