My Mother's name was Mary; she was so good and true
Because her name was Mary, she called me Mary too
She wasn't gay or airy, but plain as she could be
I hate to meet a fairy who calls herself Marie

Chorus: For it is Mary, Mary plain as any name can be
But with propriety society will say Marie
But it was Mary, Mary, long before the fashion came
And there's something there that sounds so square
It's a grand old name

Now, when her name is Mary, there is no falseness there
When to Marie she'll vary, she'll surely bleach her hair
Though Mary's ordinary, Marie is fair to see
Don't ever fear sweet Mary, beware of sweet Marie
Written and performed by George M. Cohen (1878-1942)
Performed by Lil Hawthorne (d. 1926)
Performed by Fay Templeton (1865-1939)
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