One evening with a friend of mine who's name is Charlie Spinks
We thought we'd try by way of change the famous Yankee drinks
We went to sundry taverns and a lively night was spent
But little thought 'twould be the cause of such a strange event.

Spoken - I said to Spinks, 'Let's make a list of what we've had so that we shall know what to ask for next time,' here it is

Chorus: Rattlesnakes, Locomotive, Bottled silk
Corpsereviver, Nickerbocker, Mother's milk
Flip- flap, Appitiser, Jersey Cup
Too-too, Prairie Oyster, Pick-me-up.

That night we stayed out rather late, so told the wife divine
We'd been to our Masonic Lodge, an old excuse of mine
Next morn as we at breakfast sat she made a fresh appeal
To know the pass-word _ stating she would never them reveal.

Spoken - I said, 'My love, it's more than I dare do' then she said, 'Don't trouble yourself, I know them!!' and to my surprise she broke out with,


I knew at once by this of course that she had searched my clothes
Whilst I (the credulous husband) lay in innocent repose
She'd found the list of Yankee drinks, our evening's quiet booze
And fancied 'twas the pass-words which we Brother Masons use.

Spoken - I pretended to be utterly astonished, I begged her to keep 'em to herself, she swore they would never pass her lips. I said I knew it was hard for a woman to keep a secret, that settled it, the fat was in the fire, we had a row, I rushed down stairs, she followed me to the street door, saying, I'll let the neighbours know,' and as I walked up the street, she hollared


The wife believed I told the truth, she thinks so even now
I let her go on thinking so, 'tis best to save a row
At times we disagree, and then those solemn vows she sinks
And much to my delight out comes that list of Yankee drinks.

Spoken - She's got every word perfect now _ so have the neighbours, and as I got my bus this morning to get to business the conductor said, 'Good morning, Sir -

Performed by James Fawn (1850-1923)
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