There's a maiden fair I know, she's the smartest ever seen
Her name is May, and so, she is beautiful as a May Queen
She dresses quite the best of all, if you call, at her hall
When you meet her you'll notice in a trice
Her costume's very small, but very very nice.

Chorus: May, May, May, She lives in Mayfair so gay
Fellows say, she doesn't play fair, she's flirting all the day
If you ask May to settle down, and share your lot
May may fall in love with you, and May may not.

All the fellows she'll amuse, as a flirt she's quite adept
Their presents she'll refuse, but when they press her she'll accept
The boys who chance to come her way have to pay and obey
Then when they want to marry with a dash
They find it can't be done, for she's had all their cash.


To a West-End ball she'll prance, she's the belle, there is no doubt
She never wants to dance, but she's so fond of sitting out
The Johnnies who her praises sing she can swing on a string
Ask her why she won't marry you, and then
She'll tell you that she really can't stand married men.


Performed by Alice Lloyd (1873-1949)
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