Whist, now, whist, till I tell you of last night
It bates the worst of ructions that I've taken part in yet
Wait, now, wait, till I tell you of the fight
That ended an occasion that I never will forget
Well, McGinnis was promoted to be foreman of the gang
So we argued that he ought to celebrate it with a bang
And, faix, he did, but not as the gang intended it
For all of us are sworn for Mike McGinnis we will hang.

Chorus: Oh, McGinnis! Oh McGinnis!
You'll be killed sure enough before you die
Oh, McGinnis! little Mike McGinnis
We'll welcome you and shout 'Hoo-roo'
When we get near your eye.

Last week each of the gang received a line
'McGinnis is at home to all his friends on Monday night
Come down all to Delaney's pub at nine
And eat and drink until you're jumpin', howlin', flamin', tight
Well, we turned up at Delaney's, and McGinnis wasn't there
But Delaney had a spread laid out, so no one seemed to care
We drank long life for Mister McGinnis for his trate
As I was blind and speechless I was voted to the chair.


When it came to the 'throwing out' at two
Delaney came to each of us demanded four-and-six
We said, 'Mister McGinnis squares wid you'
Delaney said, 'You're liars - this is one of Michael's tricks'
Well, we hadn't strength to argue, so we'd four-and -six to pay
Off we went down to McGinnis's house to hear what he'd to say
Then his wife said, 'Mister McGinnis is in jail
And there he is at home to all his friends since yesterday.'


Whist, now, whist, till you hear what ended it
That one-eyed Doyle insinuated I was in the trick
I hit Doyle on the nose and bended it
Then Mannion struck O'Hanlon on the cranium with a brick
Well, the police came and took us to the lock-up through the town
And the sergeant said, 'McGinnis quite expected you'd be down
And, faix, you are, so stay wid him here and sleep the night
But I'm afraid the magistrate will charge you half-a-crown.'

Performed by Lester Barrett (d. 1924)
Performed by 'Viscount' Walter Munroe (d. 1914)
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