Down in our locality they call me Dan
Everybody knows me as the cat meat man
All day long with a basket full of meat
You can always see me walking up and down the street
People say I'm the friend of all the cats
And they make a fuss of me, they do
And the poor old moggies, soon as I pass by
Wave their tails and all begin to mew.

Chorus: And all day long as I'm walking up the street
You'll hear me shouting 'meat, meat, meat'
When I go out, the kids all shout
Puss, Puss, Puss, and they follow me about
When I'm walking round the houses
As I toddle on me poor old feet
All the girls say, 'Dan, you're a saucy little man
With your 'meat, meat, meat, meat, meat.'

Martha Brown's a girl that's very fond of me
Once when I was sitting down with her to tea
She winked her eye and said, 'You are a cure'
When she saw me picking out the winkles with a skewer
She said, 'Dan, do you love me just a bit?'
I said, 'Yes, of course I do, and what's more
Every time we meet to myself I say
You're the nicest little thing I ever saw.


Little Polly Pickle living down our way
Keeps a butcher's shop, she does, and Yesterday
She called me in and she showed me all the meat
Pointed to the joints and said, 'Now don't that look a treat?'
I said, 'Ah, don't the shoulders make a show
I could never beat them even if I try'
But when I say, 'Lumme, ain't you got fine legs?'
She flicked a breast of mutton in me eye.

Written and performed by Fred Earle (1877-1915)
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