We've had a rare diversion,
We've had a fine old racket,
Because my Mary Ann, last week
Brought me a new prize packet.
The baby was but two hours old
When, thanks to someones labours,
The glorious news got spread about,
To all our friends and neighbours.

Chorus: Then, oh, what a meeting of the clans there was,
All dear friends of Mary Ann's,
Big and little and old and young,
Any amount of cheek and tongue,
Ah, such a meeting of the clans.

They pinched and mauled the darling,
Sure, them I couldn't baffle,
As if it was a sucking pig,
Won in a Christmas raffle.
And when it was admired enough,
Cries Mother Burke, the gaby,
'I know where they sell fine 'Old Tom'
Let's go and wet the baby.'


Soon they got playing skittles,
With Mr. Landlord's glasses;
He sent for six big policemen to
Eject those playful lasses.
'Charge, sisters, charge!' cries Mother Burke,
The silliest of creatures;
A new Charge of the Light Brigade,
Went for those p'licemen's features.


Of course, you'll guess the sequal,
Through their unseemly flutters,
Those turtle doves were taken off To quod on several shutters.
Now, let's hope wetting baby's head
To them may prove a warning,
For when I got a half-day off,
And went to court next morning,

Chorus: Oh, what a meeting of the clans there was,
All dear friends of Mary Ann's,
Forty bob or a month apiece,
Those were the Terms of their release
Oh, such a meeting of the clans.

Written and composed by J.P. Harrington & Orlando Powell
Performed by Pat Rafferty (1861-1952)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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