You see I'm a mermaid, a giddy young mermaid,
From out of the silvery sea.
Where you see the motion and roar of the ocean,
Is the home of my baby and me.
It happened last year, I was under the waves,
Having a swim with my Ma.
When a dear little diver from under a wreck,
Shouted to me, 'There you are!'
I smiled at the fellow and sighed,
And remember the words that he cried...

Chorus: My little mermaid my little bit of fish,
I want to marry you, do as I wish.
Oh, Cod, I love you, I whale and I frit,
So be my mermaid, my soft roe bit.

SPOKEN - Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, that last wave drenched me to the skin. I'm in such a muddle today, I've been doing a bit of washing and my tail does ache, so.
You know, I'm here tonight to see if I can see anything of this child's father. He's a diver and he's such an affectionate husband, he dotes on the very sea I swim in. It's funny how I picked up on him, You see, it was like this, one morning we got up and found this submarine lying across our back-garden, so father wrote to the admiralty about it, to have it shifted... and my husband was sent down to shift it. He always worked on wrecks and a pretty fine wreck he's made of me.
You, know he loved it at our place so we saw a lot of each other, although, I think he saw more of me than I did of him. One day he got silly, like, and he dared me and I smacked him back and then he spoke to me and being girl-like I spoke to him... and after we'd been talking some time, we got into conversation.
Then came the old story, love, courtship, marriage, kids, rows, mother-in-laws etc. Ah! but now he's hopped it and left me here with this fatherless merchild in my arms. Oh, dear, oh, dear, he was a nice fellow, you know.
But it's a funny thing, my sister, she married a channel swimmer, we all rode in on sea-horses. Oh, we had such a lovely wedding breakfast, we had sardines on graylings, blancmange and jellyfish and oh, I looked so nice. I had a beautiful seaweed veil trimmed with periwinkles and the bridegroom made me a present of a beautiful necklace of scallops.
Oh, dear, but here I am, a pretty mermaid in my first season, sitting on a rock with a fatherless merchild in my arms.

Chorus: My little mermaid etc.
Written and composed by Alisse & Evans - 1913
Performed by Will Evans (1872-1931)
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