It is ten weary years since I left England's shore
In a far distant country to roam
How I long to return to my own native land
To my friends and the old folks at home
Last night, as I slumbered, I had a strange dream
One that seemed to bring distant friends near
I dreamt of old England, the land of my birth
To the heart of her sons ever dear

Chorus: I saw the old homestead and faces I love
I saw England's valleys and dells
I listened with joy, as I did when a boy
To the sound of the old village bells
The log was burning brightly
'Twas a night that should banish all sin
For the bells were ringing the old year out
And the New Year in

While the joyous bells rang, swift I wended my way
To the cot where I lived as a boy
And I looked in the window, yes! There by the fire
Sat my parents! my heart filled with joy
The tears trickled fast down my bronzed, furrowed check
As I gazed on my Mother so dear
I knew in my heart she was raising a prayer
For the boy whom she dreamt not was near


At the door of the cottage we met face to face
'Twas the first time for ten weary years
Soon the past was forgotten, we stood hand in hand
Father, Mother, and wanderer in tears
Once more in the fireplace the oak log burns bright
And I promised no more would I roam
As I sat in the old vacant chair by the hearth
And I sang the dear song 'Home sweet home'

Written and composed by Will Godwin & Leo Dryden
Performed by Leo Dryden (1863-1939)
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