A sweet young colleen lived by Blarney Castle all alone
She'd daily watch the trav'llers come to kiss the Blarney Stone
One day, that way, a young man she espied
Who winked a roguish eye at her, and to his darlin' cried.

Chorus: 'Molly Mavourneen, Molly ochone
I came here to kiss the Blarney Stone
But since I've seen your eyes so blue
I don't want to kiss no Blarney Stone
I'd rather kiss you.'

Said she, 'You've travelled miles and miles to kiss the Blarney Stone
But, faith I think you're well supplied with blarney of your own
Your wink I think tells more than you can say.'
He stopped her talking with a kiss and said in teasing way,


'While there are lips like yours about,' said he, 'You must agree
A dirty bit of stone is not the slightest use to me.'
His smiles and wiles at last made her relent
And he thanks the bit of blarney which secured him her consent.

Written and composed by C. W. Murphy and D. Lipton
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