Say Molly! shure, I'm just writing this note Molly mine
And if you don't receive it just drop me a line
Out here in the trenches there's fighting to do
But all the while deary I'm dreaming of you
Remember my darling if I'm still away
To send me some shamrocks on St Patrick's Day.

Chorus: Oh you Molly McGlory although we're a long way apart
Shure now Molly McGlory you're living right here in my heart
Wid your pleasin' ways and your teasin' ways
And your Irish Eyes of Blue
Shure I'll be holding an armful of heaven
Mavoureen when I hold you.

Say Molly often I gaze at your picture and see
Such a sweet Irish fairy there gazing at me
You've got enough gold in your tresses so rare
To make anybody a real millionaire
Now cheer up my darling, when fighting is thro'
I'll come back again to Killarney and you.

Performed by Gertie Gitana (1887-1957)
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