There's a colleen I know in old Ballinasloe
With her eyes brimming over with fun
And a brogue, 'pon my life, you could cut with a knife
And a smile that's as bright as the sun
And there's one Irish lad who's in love with her, bad
Sure, he's crazy on Molly O 'Shea
For this Irish gossoon, by the light of the moon
Ev'ry night 'neath her window will say.

Chorus: 'Molly, now don't be teasing, Molly, now do be pleasing
If you're in, just say you're in
If you're out, come out and tell me so.'
Then from the parlour window Molly pops out her head
And says, 'Don't ye shout! sure, I'm not in or out
Can't ye see that I've gone to bed?'

Then says Molly, 'Ochone! when a girl's all alone
Faith, you needn't be coming too far
If you love me as true as you say you do
Just respect me, and stay where you are.'
'But' says Mike, 'By the pow'rs I've been waiting here hours
Just to ask if my heart ye will take
Molly darlint, it's large - I'll leave it in your charge
If ye drop it, now, surely 'twill break.'


Molly listens the while with her beautiful smile
And says she, 'Och! that's all very fine
But two hearts, I am told, will be too much to hold
If I take yours , you'd better take mine.'
In the light of the day they oft met by the way
And they talk of a plain golden ring
But when twilight falls low over Ballinasloe
Just to tease him, she still lets him sing,

Written and composed by H. Leighton & G. Everard - 1905
Performed by 'Viscount' Walter Munroe (d. 1914)
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