Molly's a sweet young lady, so people say
And what people say, of course, is true
Molly met someone lately, and from that day
All the world has seemed just made for two
Molly, like most young ladies when they're in love
Wants no other girl to interfere
And that's the reason why, Miss Molly gives a gentle sigh
When someone softly whispers in her ear,

Chorus: 'Molly, I love you, no one's above you
In my heart, and that is true
I may have loved a girl or two before
But, Molly darling, I'll never love any more
I don't deceive you, I'll never leave you
Such a thing I couldn't do
It would be folly not to stick to a jolly
Little lady like you.'

Someone no doubt was foolish when he confessed
He had loved a girl or two before
He had, of course, to tell their names, and the rest
Such as how they looked, and what they wore
Molly could hardly keep from feeling, at first
Just a tiny touch of jealousy
Until he whispered low, 'Had I but met you long ago
None other could have captivated me.'


Molly, they say, is very busy just now
What with things to make and things to buy
And, on consideration, I think, somehow
Molly's wedding day is drawing nigh
If what I think is true, it must be all that
Molly's jealousy has passed away
But I will stake my life, that even after she's his wife
She'll always love to hear her husband say,

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