At a gay reception given in a mansion grand and old
A young man met the girl he used to know
And once again the story of his honest love he told
The love he'd cherished since long years ago
But she sighed and sadly murmured that her childhood love was past
That soon another man she was to wed
The lover knew the other man already had a wife
He bade farewell, but as he went, he said,

Chorus: The moth and the flame played a game, one day
The game of a woman's heart
And the moth that played was a maid they say
The flame was a bad man's art
The moth never knew as she flew so near
That flame was the light of shame
But she fluttered away, just in time, so they say
That's the tale of the moth and the flame.

The maiden did not understand the fable that he told
A church was soon arrayed in holy state
A couple at the alter stood before a crowd of guests
When a woman screamed, 'Stop ere it is too late'
The villain turned and saw his wife and rudely struck her down
Denouncing her as an impostor bold
But the girl threw off the bridal wreath. 'You coward,' then she cried
'My true love warned me when this tale he told.'

Performed by Helen Mora (1861-1903)
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