You can talk about your classic celebrations,
Of the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen;
But I'll tell you of some sport that we have down in our court,
'Twas the finest celebration ever seen.
Mother Doyle, just as long as I remember,
Has been good to all the costers round about;
Nursed the mothers and the kids, lent us bobs and even quids,
And was always game to bail the fellows out.
Well, she reached the age of seventy two last Monday, don't you see,
So we all clubs up to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, and...

Chorus: There was little flag a-flying from the winders,
And crowds of kids a-romping on the ground;
And the girls and the blokes was a cracking little jokes,
While the foaming pots of beer flew round.
There was blokes a playing on their concertinas,
Such a sight down our court I never see,
TIll I pegs out I always shall remember,
Mother Doyle's Diamond Jubilee.

She's been living down the court for sixty years, now,
And there's no-one as would dare to run her down;
Why, if anyone is queer, you can bet she's always near,
She's worth all the blooming doctors in the town.
Why, she'll bring you little dainties in the basin
When you're laid up and your appetite is low;
And on her dear old, homely dial, she's got such a kindly smile,
As a sort of kind of comfort, don't you know.
So when one-eyed Patsy, he, you know, is the scrapper down our way,
Says, 'Let's give her a Jubilee,' we all shouts out, 'Hooray!'


Then the blokes they formed a sort of deputation,
And one-eyed Patsy's got to lead us to the door;
Then he's got to make a speech to her,
But he only got as far as, 'God love yer, mum, I can't say any more.'
Then she gives 'em all a little drop of tiddley,
And the blokes are feeling queer while she's pouring out the beer,
Till one-eyed Patsy grabs his pot and cries,
'Here's to two old girls we all respect. May God blees 'em both, I say;
Let's join the name of Mother Doyle and Queen Victoria.'


Written and composed by Walter P. Keen - 1898
Performed by Peggy Pryde (1869-1943)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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