This morning my Mother unto me did say
'Bill, I'm going to make this a washing day
I've just hit upon a very novel plan
I want you to help me all you can
Run to the oil shop and get a bar of soap
And for a clothes line pinch a brewer's rope
Seven pounds o' soda and a nob of Reckitt's blue
We'll show the neighbours what we can do.'

Chorus: We've all been busy in the old back yard
Couldn't see each other for the steam
Before we washed up the dirty clothes
I hadn't got a handerkerchief to wipe my nose
Oh my, talk about work, we're over head and ears
Mother says she's never had a wash day before
For very nearly fifteen years.

We couldn't get out copper fire to light
Paraffin and gunpowder made it go all right
Out in the yard, where the clothes were in a heap
All of the neighbours came to have a peep
Dad's fond of work, so he said he'd have a try
As we washed, so he'd hang 'em out to dry
Just as he pegged all the clobber up so gay
There was a snap, and the line gave way.


We had to do all the washing once again
Ma swore at Pa, and she told him pretty plain
She lost her temper - her temper she can loose
Father got the needle, and went out upon the booze
She threw the blue bag as he went through the door
It missed him, and hit a copper on the jaw
The slop ran mother in, and now I'm all alone
And I've got to finish all the washing on my own.

Written and composed By Frank Leo - 1898
Performed by Dan Leno (1860-1904)
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