Landlord said this morning to me
'Gimme your key. This flat ain't free
I can't get no rent out of you
Pack up your things and skiddoo.'
I said, 'Wait until ma Bill comes home
He's ma honey from the honey-comb
He'll have money 'cos he told me so this morning.'
Landlord said that we've got lots of show
I wants ma room or else I wants ma dough
I'll wait for Bill, if he don't pay then out you go.

Chorus: Because it's moving day, moving day
Rip that carpet up from off the floor
Take your oil stove, coon, and there's the door
It's moving day.
Pack up your folding bed and get away
If you've spent every cent
You can live out in a tent
It's moooooving day.

Bill came in all covered in snow
I said, 'Hello, gimme some dough
Here's the landlord waiting for rent.'
Bills said, 'I ain't got a cent.
Here's two chickens I brought home for stew.
Landlord take them for the rent that's due.'
Landlord said, 'Ma chicken coop was robbed this morning
Two black hens are missing from the coop
They're the ones you just brought in for soup
Get busy coon, and put your things down on the stoop.

Performed by Victoria Monks (1885-1927)
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