Once a little Welsh girl came from Wales
Left behind the cows and milking pails
All the way to London she came up
To find a Mr Smith who'd woo'd her
In her little Welsh dress, all neat and smart
With her innocence she won each heart
Fellows pitied her that day
When they heard the little Welsh girl say,

Chorus: 'Mister Smith, Mister Smith,
From Aberystwyth, from Aberystwyth
He's lost, stolen or strayed, can't find him anywhere
Mister Smith, Mister Smith, from Aberystwyth, from Aberystwyth
If you find him, mind him, but handle him with care.'

She saw a police court - went inside
'Please find Mr Smith for me,' she cried
Ev'ry policeman went and found a Smith
And placed them in a row before her
She looked at them all in great surprise
Then the tears came in her bright blue eyes
'My Smith isn't here,' she sighed
They felt sorry, when again she cried,


Up and down the town she walked all day
Searching every street and small by-way
Not a sign of Mr Smith she saw
He'd vanished out of sight completely
As she walked along with eyes cast down
Slowly through the West End part of town
Fellows followed, all the day
And grew jealous, when they heard her say,

Performed by Barbara Babington
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