When Mulligan's rich old uncle died, and left him a thousand pounds
Said he, 'Sure now I have the pelf, ar-rah, won't I just enjoy myself.'
He spent his money left and right, he travelled near and far
But I never thought he'd be so mad as to buy a motor car.

Chorus: Oh, Mulligan's motor car, it's a terrible thing ah haa
It's slaughtered us, and quartered us
Till we don't know where we are
But wait awhile and you'll hear us shout, 'Hurrah'
For we're going to murder Mulligan and slaughter his motor car.

The very first time he brought it home we thought it a splendid thing
Till it started around the town to waltz,
Commenced a-turning somersaults
Then straight away it went to Burke's to make a friendly call
But changed its mind and jumped clean over Riley's back-yard wall.


It fastened itself in Riley's yard and refused to come out at all
We did our best to coax it out, all kinds of tricks to hoax it out
Then into Riley's house it went, made a hole right through the wall
And now it's making sausage-meat of Riley and them all.


The docors all around the town are doing a roaring trade
And through that Martin Mulligan the hospitals are full again
But if we lay our hands on him, our debts to him we'll pay
We'll tie him to his motor car and drop him in the say!

Written and composed by C. W. Murphy - 1900
Performed by Lester Barrett (d. 1924)
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