They say that the life of a music hall comic
Is one that the highbrow dispises
But even my critics admit my career
Is sublime in its several guises
I haven't a title yet I possess many
That may sound a bold contradiction
But when I refer to titles of songs
You'll see that I speak with conviction
Of course you remember those boys known as Bing
Their antics you used to enjoy
When Vi was the only girl in the world
And I was the only boy
Ah, those were the days before wireless and screen
Folks flocked to the play or review
They stopped, they looked, they listened
For they enjoyed it, and very nice too
Then Sidney Carroll suggested a brand new idea
He gave me a part that was fat
It was Falstaff and as Shakespeare might say
T'was the first time I've ever done that
Of course there are times when trifles go wrong
An artist's life isn't all clover
But you've had a hand in these milestones of songs
You've helped me in putting them over
And every time I achieve a success
When laughter rings merry and bright
I take off my hat and say, "Well, that's that,
I think I shall sleep well, tonight."
Written and performed by George Robey (1869-1954)
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