I had a little pussy once
But Bogie's got him now
Because at night he used to kick
Up such an awful row
And when I went to school today
With my young brother Fred
As soon as teacher asked me what
I'd get, I smiled and said,

Chorus: 'My Daddy's bought me a Bow-Wow
My Daddy's bought me a Bow-Wow
Master Tommy's gone away and I'm very pleased to say
That I've got a little bow wow, now, bow, wow, wow.'

While I was playing in the garden once
A-playing ball and bat
I saw my little pussy, fighting
With another cat
They had two rounds, and nearly broke
Each other's little jaws
Then my poor puss laid down and died
But I don't care because.


We got a lot of other cats
And dressed them up in black
Then down the garden made them march
Along a little track
Where at the end, Pa dug a hole
And put poor Tommy down
And while the cats cried round the grave
I cried all round the town.

Written & composed by Joseph Tabrar
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