My fiddle was my sweetheart, but now that's not the case
I've found, you know, another 'beau' who better fill her place
In fact I've struck a finer chord, that would not let me rest.
Although it did seem funny (Symphony), I 'sonata' found 'twas best
His music is far sweeter than any violin
Although a 'nat'ral' creature, he's sharp when he begins
His 'neck' is simply perfect; to his charms I'm wide-awake.
He's tightened up my heartstrings; I fear they ne'er will break.

Chorus: My fiddle was my sweetheart
But she's a broken toy
Instead of her, I far prefer
My little baby boy.

Although it did seem 'double bass' for me to change my tune
If I inclined to change my mind, I thought 'twould best 'bassoon'
I wouldn't harp upon the theme to my deserted pet
I meant that day to 'guitar' way before she 'cast-a net'
My matrimonial 'organ' will play without a stop
He pegs away till often my ear 'drums' seem to pop
He'll not play '2nd fiddle' to the highest in the land
But stamp and tease to show that he's the 'leader' of the band

Written and composed by Charles Osbourne & G.H. Chirgwin - 1896
Performed by G.H. Chirgwin (1854-1922)
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