Everything is over and I'm feeling bad
I lost the best pal that I ever had
'Tis but a fortnight since she was here
Seems like she's gone though for twenty year
Oh, how I miss her my old pal
Oh, how I'd kiss her my pal Sal
Face not so handsome but eyes don't you know
That shone just as bright as they did years ago.

Chorus: They called her frivolous Sal, a peculiar sort of a gal
With a heart that was mellow, an all round good fellow
Was my old pal
Your troubles, sorrows and care
She was always willing to share
A wild sort of devil but dead on the level
Was my gal Sal.

Brought her little dainties just afore she died
Promised she would meet me on the other side
Told her how I loved her, she said, 'I know Jim'
Just do your best and leave the rest to Him
Gently I pressed her to my breast
Soon she would take her last long rest
She looked at me and murmured, 'Pal'
And softly I whispered, 'good bye Sal.'

Written and composed by Paul Dresser - 1905
Performed by Louise Dresser (1882-1965)
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