(She's Never Seen The Swanee River)
'They say at home that we have got a girl in every port.'
Said a sailor to his chum upon the foam,
'But all the while I'm thinking of one girl, the best of all,
Who is waiting for her sailor lad, at home.
For several years I've been away and never seen her since,
Tho' I've seen a lot of others here and there,
All around my heart comes stealing such a funny kind of feeling,
Every time I gaze upon her lock of hair.

Chorus: 'She's never seen the Swanee River,
Where the silvery waters flow;
She's never been in Mexico, Borneo, Ohio.
She's just a simple little fairy,
Her christian name is Brown,
Hurry up and come with me!
If you're good I'll let you see,
My little girl from London town.'

'You never see her picture in the 'Tatler' or the 'Sketch'
Or any other kind of picture books,
She suits me very nicely, does my buxum little craft,
And I don't care tuppence ha'penny 'bout her looks!
But when her cheeks are blooming, well, you'd think it was a rose!'
Said the sailor as he sat upon his box;
'And she'll make the meat on Sunday last, 'til supper time on Monday,
And she knows the way to darn a pair of socks.


The sailor and his chum arrived in London town one day,
And his little wife was waiting at the door,
And round her knee was playing such a tiny little girl,
Whom the sailor lad had never seen before.
She whispered, 'You're my daddy.' and it sent him mad with Joy,
As in sailor fashion, he admired her charms.
Whilst the kettle there was singing, round the room his voice was ringing,
As he held his little baby in his arms.

Performed by Billy Williams (1877-1915)
Written and composed by Fred Godfrey & Billy Williams - 1910
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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