My Eva has no education
No diamonds or dresses so grand.
Love-making is her occupation,
She lives in Whitechapel, Eastend.
There isn't another girl neater,
Or sweeter have I ever seen.
And should you say maybe,
She isn't a lady,
I ask of you not to be mean.

Chorus: My little Eva, Eva, Eva,
I'll never leave her, leave her, leave her.
Though she works in a factory,
She's more than all this world to me.
She's such a Lady, Lady, Lady,
She drives me crazy, crazy, crazy.
I'll work hard all day,
And give her my pay,
Then marry her right away.

Repeat Chorus:

Written and composed by Lowenwirth & Cohan - 1908
Performed by Victoria Monks (1884-1927)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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