I'm not going to sing of my Dinah Dear,
Or Chloe from way down Carolina;
I've got a gal who's just as sincere,
As good as any coon and, maybe, finer.
She don't hoe cotton, 'way down in the fields,
With other coons she never wants to play;
My gal don't care for Yankeeland, to London she belongs,
And that is why I'm very proud to say,

Chorus: She is my London gal! lives just near Camberwell!
Known as the prettiest gal, you'd wish to see!
No Dina, Sue or Sal, or picking cotton gal,
She comes from London and she's good enough for me!

I'm not goin' to say she's my Moonlight Lou,
Or my Sunlight Sue; but she am sweeter;
I know her heart am constant and true,
Though by the melon-patch I never meet her.
She ain't my baby; no, she's quite grown-up!
She ain't my 'honey' though she am real jam;
If dere am any 'piccaninny' 'bout my Lucy Jane,
She am a real South London coon, she am!


I'm not going to rave of my Choc'late Queen,
Black or white's as good as one another;
That gal o' mine, her face isn't black,
Exceptin' when she shines the grate for mother!
She don't play banjos, don't sing nigger tunes.
But she knows how to wash, and scrub, and bake;
My gal don't do the cake-walk, tho' I'm very pleased to say
She knows the way to walk around a cake!


Written and composed by John P. Harrington and Sam Mayo - 1904
Performed by Sam Mayo (1875-1938)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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