My Mother said I never should,
Play with gypsies in yon wood
She's quite right because I say
There isn't any gypsies round our way.

Chorus: Ring-a ring-a roses, ring-a ring-a roses
Ring-a ring-a roses, Ashoo all fall down.

A lunatic asylum I passed one day
In the country strange to say
I saw a man with a barrow you see
But he dropped it when he spotted me.

Chorus: Then he chased me round the building
He chased me round the building
He chased me round the building
Then he touched me and shouted, 'Tigs.'

My Mother said, 'Bill Jones, last night
Challenged three men out to fight
He said, 'I'll put them through the mill.'
But where do you think they put poor Bill?

Chorus: In and out the windows, In and out the windows
In and out the windows, God Bless the workin' man.

Some boys they've stood me upside down
And tied my legs with rope all round
They slung the rope o'er the branch of a tree
Then pulled me up and said to me,

Chorus: 'Stand and face your lover. Stand and face your lover
Stand and face your lover.' Then someone cut the rope.

My Father once took me to France
To see them do the can-can dance
One Frenchie girlshe shook her head
She turned around to me and said,

Chorus: She said, 'Parlez Francais.'
She said, 'Parlez Francais.'
She said, 'Parlez Francais.'
I said, 'Serves you right.'

Performed by George Formby Sr. (1877-1921)
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